Lodge Information

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Lodge Insignia

The Nakona Lodge pocket flap is the Lodge totem, the black buffalo surrounded by a landscape similar to that found in the area.  

The Nakona Lodge neckerchief may only be worn at Nakona Lodge and Order of the Arrow functions and may be bought at most Nakona Lodge functions. . T-shirts with the Nakona Lodge emblem on them are officially lodge material. All Nakona Lodge members may wear those T-shirts, and they will be sold at various lodge functions.

Coup beads, feathers, and other such insignia are not official Nakona Lodge insignia, but they may be used as insignia for individual clans and may be worn at Clan and Nakona Lodge functions.

Lodge Executive Committee

The Lodge executive committee consists of the Lodge Chief, Vice Chiefs, Secretary, Treasurer, Chapter Chiefs and their respective advisors. The Lodge Executive committee meets the first sunday of every month, for more information on these meetings, please see the calendar page.

Lodge House

The O.A. Lodge House is at Camp Post. The Lodge House may be used by any lodge member in good standing with the approval of the Camp Ranger. No person who is not a member in good standing of the Nakona Lodge may not use the Lodge House for any reason.

Name and Totem

The name of the Lodge is Nakona 150 Lodge #694 and the lodge is under the supervision of the Council Executive Committee in all matters relating to the Council Camping and Activities Committee. The Executive Committee of Nakona Lodge includes either the Council Executive or a representative of his choosing.

Lodge dues are $10 dollars and are generally collected at Fall Ordeal, because that is generally when members are inducted. If you have a question about dues, send an email to our Vice Chief of Finance nakona-finance@southplainscouncil.org

The youth officers of Nakona Lodge consist of a Lodge Chief who oversees the Lodge Executive Committee prepares agendas. A First Vice Chief of Administration handles elections, registration, and chapter chiefs. A Second Vice chief of Events handles events. Vice Chief of Ceremonies handles all ceremonies at events and Native American Affairs. The Vice Chief of Publication takes minutes at Lodge meeting and handles mailouts and communications. The Vice Chief of Finances handles all lodge finances and manages the trading post. There is a chapter chief for each of the the 5 chapters, which correspond to the districts of the South Plains Council.

Election of Officers
Officers are elected at the Fall Ordeal each year, on Saturday night after the LEC Business Meeting. Positions which are elected are Chapter Chiefs, Vice Chief of Administration, Vice Chief of Publication, Vice Chief of FinanceVice Chief of Events, Vice Chief of Ceremony and Lodge Chief. Those wishing to run for Lodge Chief should submit a letter of intent to run no less than 1 week prior to the event to the current Lodge Chief.

To run for office, a candidate must be a registered member in good standing of Nakona Lodge and Scouting, and be under 21 years old for his complete term.

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