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Area Camping Locations

When it comes to West Texas Camping,
There is plenty to chose from!
Take a look at some of the awesome locations you may not have visited as a camper. For some of those camping sites you might have already been to, you might try giving them another look. Have a good camping location? Contact us, so we can post information about it to the site.
This mysterious terra cotta badland, replete with canyons and bluffs, calls out to the adventuresome to be explored. A daylong horseback ride or challenging hike will take 
you to this home of the famous Lighthouse rock formation. Or drive to the top of the canyon and take in the breathtaking view from the top of the overlook. The full-service park sports standard campsites as well as newly renovated rock cabins and fully furnished cabins.

The spirit heart of the bison still beats proudly todayin the caprock canyons, as descendants of the Charles Bison Herd,” are pastured and protected here. This park is Goodnight bison herd, called the “Official Texas Stat
ealso open to campers who can stay in developed sites below the canyon 
rim or venture out to backcountry sites.

Copper Breaks State Park
The rolling plains expand into the legendary wide-open spaces of North Texas, once home to wild buffalo and native hunters. It is arid land that has been eroded by the Pease River into a place of gullies, mesas and juniper breaks filled with wildlife.Frogs, turtles, lizards and an occasional horned lizard can be seen in the park. Two small lakes (60 and 10 acres) offer fishing year-round for bass, catfish, crappie and perch.
Deep in the mountainous desert wilderness, a quarter-million acre park opens a spectacular landscape to the public. Drive into the park over a 36-mile gravel road that leads through flat
and hilly terrain and ends at the former owner's furnished ranch home.

A real oasis in the West Texas desert, featuring one of the largest spring-fed swimming pools in the world. There is scuba and skin diving. Not far away is McDonald Observatory and historic Fort Davis.

A camp of the Golden Spread Council to our north, Camp Don Harrington is located on 800+ acres of the Palo Duro Canyon, 10 miles south of Amarillo, TX. The camp is open year round, with 12 campsites, a dining hall, swimming pool, a large lake and a ropes challenge course.

Nestled in the heart of the beautiful Davis Mountains in West Texas, this 9,320-acre ranch is one of America’s premier High-Adventure council camps.