The South Plains Council is home to a variety of great camping locations with interesting activities, a range of choices and eye-popping scenery. 

This page is the launch point for our Council's "Where to go Camping" Guide for use by packs, troops, teams, and crews. As your first step, check out Camp PostCamp Tres Ritos, and Camp Haynes. Cub Scout Packs and other area units interested in nearby scenic destination may also use Camp Buffalo at Buffalo Springs Lake.

Here is a link to a map showing the locations of each of these South Plains Council camps.  You can also click here for descriptions of some additional area camping locations.  If your unit has a favorite one that meets BSA guidelines, please be sure to let your Lodge Leadership know so we can add it to this list!

The main camp site used by Nakona Lodge is Camp Post, where our ordeals, fellowships, and much training takes place. Camp Post is popular for Cub Scout events, troop camping and our Council Camporees.  Camp Post is located only about 45 minutes outside of Lubbock at the rugged edge of the Caprock where it falls off to meet the lower elevations of the plains. For a map of how to get to Camp Post as well as a map of the camp itself, click here.

The Second camp used by the South Plains Council mainly for summer camps, is Camp Tres Ritos set high in the mountains in the beautiful Angostura area of New Mexico. Camp Tres Ritos is situated 315 miles northwest of Lubbock and 45 miles southwest of Philmont Scout Ranch.  It is the home of the famous Pecos Packers high adventure program.  Camp Tres Ritos is near the Angostura Trail, hiking and climbing opportunities, rushing streams, and is nestled in the beautiful tall trees and high valleys of the mountains east of Taos, NM.

Our third Council camp is Camp Haynes, used for wilderness camping, which is also a popular spot for learning rappelling and climbing using proper Scouting methods.  Stay tuned for a more detailed write-up on camping at Camp Haynes!

Keep in mind that proper tour permits and preparation are required on any campout, including those at our Council camp sites.

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